Aussie Doodles are known as “Little Einsteins” and are affectionate, loyal, and playful. All our pups are from AKC registered parents, they tend to sell quickly, so be sure to contact us! If you see the fur baby of your dreams here on our website please contact us immediately. Please contact us to verify if your future pooch is available. If you are certain you want one you will put a deposit on the puppy while we work out the details of delivery. We provide a high level of information regarding training, proper care, exercise, grooming etc. You will love your puppy as well as the feeling of certainty that you will get from Classy Doodles.

Our family has 20 years experience breeding dogs and want the Aussiedoodle breed to be strong and protected, not only for their owners sake but for the breed itself which one day we hope will be recognized by the AKC.  This is why we do the genetic testing, begin with quality dogs and invest so much time in one on one socialization.  It’s for the future.
My husband and I have 11 biological children and 8 grandchildren and purchased our first registered puppy, an ABC Border Collie named Rose, out of Cagle Dairy in Canton, GA  some 20 years ago, which started an adventure that many of our children have embraced with us.  We have used the care and responsibility required with animals to teach our children an excellent work ethic and integrity.  We have learned much over the years, loved much and on occasion, breed our dogs and share the love with others.  We want to do things the right way and with the “Designer” breeds, it is rare to find folks doing the genetic testing to ensure the health and quality of the pups.  The Mom of this litter of 11 puppies, Misty, is an Australian Shepherd and has amazing bloodlines and OFA certified hips and elbows.  She also passed her eye certification a few years ago.  Misty is a gentle soul, loyal and true, a delight to all who know her.  She is an AKC Finished Champion, bred and trained by our daughter and son, and raised by our family from birth.  She is 6 years old and this is her second litter and probably her last Aussiedoodle litter.   AKC Father, Luigi is a handsome pardi (black and white) standard poodle with an excellent disposition as well.
The strength of our program is that each puppy is handled every single day. They are played with, snuggled, rolled around, put on their backs and talked to.  (Sure, it may be babytalk but it’s good stuff).  They are not away from us in a kennel far away, but up close and personal.  Making a human connection is vitally important for a puppy to become a delightful adult, very much like children.  Puppies are well socialized by our plethora of children. We seek to train our pups to trust us! We test both parents for Brucellosis before breeding.  Pups are Vet checked, standard immunization is given at 6 weeks, then one for Bordetella at 8 weeks.  Wormings are given at 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 weeks alternating with Fenbendazole and Pyrantel, contract & health guarantee, 6 month genetic guarantee.   Amazing pedigree with long history of certified hips and elbows!   There were 11 puppies in the litter with lots of colors – red merle, blue merle, brindle, black and white. A non refundable deposit of $250 holds your pup and applies to the selling price of $2800. Puppies are chosen at 5 weeks and go to their new homes at 8 weeks. Shipping is additional and usually runs around $275 for everything (ticket to ride, crate and Vet Health Certificate)   American Airlines and Delta both have reputable shipping programs or you can bring your dog home as a carry-on.  We are happy to meet you at the Atlanta airport!   Crate training has begun and the beginnings of leash training as well.  Call with any questions or to schedule a visit!   Check our website for glowing references.  Our 10 year old, Jazzie is buying a puppy from this litter, Twix, and after having her OFA certifications done, in 2 years, hopes to breed an F1B line of Aussiedoodles!  It’s gonna be fun!

We are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.